Theometrics bridges the digital divide between computer-aided design and the construction process

Similar to how GPS navigates users over a map, Theometrics navigates users from any point in real time on any CAD drawing or BIM model to the exact field location, with laser-sharp accuracy.

Why Theometrics?

Our “Means and Methods” replace antiquated blueprints, axis lines, strings and tape measures, with state-of-the-art, computer-controlled equipment. Theometrics is the first and only company in the world to establish the Missing Bridge between CAD and the field in real-time.

Our user-friendly systems transfer the precision of CAD design to the construction site in real-time.


› Laser Precision Measurement
› No Back Office Stitching or Processing
› Immediate Layout
› Dimensional Quality Control


Integration of Industries

Learn more about how Theometrics is changing the game with the integration of Construction, Real Estate and Tech industries.

Theometrics Sustainability

Theometrics sustainability is the philosophy of designing and constructing with careful consideration of the delicate balance of economic, social and environmental impact of our actions.

We want to drive adoption and implement the best means and methods on every construction site across the country, and over time, across the world.

Stakeholder Benefits

   •  Creating new jobs and economic growth

   •  Maximizing profits and minimizing waste

   •  Workforce development and onsite mentoring

   •  Transferring knowledge to the next generation

   •  Bridging the digital divide between design and construction

Theometrics is more than an architect’s tool, it’s a design movement that is experiencing wide adoption throughout the building design community. Manufacturers who integrate thier products in the Theometrics process, and provide the type of product content necessary, will see significant increase in specifications and sales within the next few years.