Our Mission

Theometrics means the art and science of precision measurement and navigation in and on construction sites. With over 30 years of expertise in the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, the founders of Theometrics recognized the need for creating measurement and layout standards as well as a better means and method to perform the work.

Theometrics was created to bridge the lack of interoperability between computer-aided design and the construction process, launching the new industry of “Architectural Navigation.” Similar to how GPS navigates users over a map, Theometrics navigates users from any point on any CAD drawing or BIM model to the exact field location, with laser-sharp accuracy.

The “New Standard and Best Practice” of electronic measurement and layout are becoming adopted worldwide, replacing the need for antiquated strings or tape measures. Theometrics computer aided construction methods create countless financial benefits, new job opportunities, and improve the skill set and efficiencies of the existing workers, attracting the digital generation now entering the workplace in addition to allowing sustainable design to become sustainable construction.

Theometrics is committed to creating awareness of economic, social, environmental and technological possibilities that many in the construction industry view as impossible, but also to provide means to overcome the elements that perpetuate the antiquated practices.

The Problem

The Construction industry is one of the least digitized industries in the world.

  • Capturing data accurately is nearly impossible using conventional measuring methods of tape measures and strings, especially when measuring curved or nonorthogonal spaces.
  • Errors and omissions are so common that special contingencies are allocated for construction budgets and separate insurance policies are required to address the repercussions from these mistakes.
  • The real estate and construction industries suffer great losses from relying on obsolete record drawings and inaccurate design representations resulting from incorrect measurements of existing building space.


Construction is one of the largest industries, but also one of the least efficient because of inaccurate measurement systems and tools


Because not all construction sites use up to date technologies, with no unifying standard,  information is miscommunicated, magnifying errors.


Antiquated tools (i.e. tape and string measure) lead to inaccurate measurement and data.


There is no measurement standard or  measurement control across all trades, major errors, delays, and cost overruns have become “accepted”, even expected. 


An additional 10% contingency budget is needed to obtain financing and surety for delays and cost overruns.  


73% of construction companies have trouble finding qualified trade workers.

Our Solutions

  • A global movement to address the real estate and construction industries is the development of Theometrics Intelligent Jobsites.
  • Theometrics Intelligent Jobsites has been created to address and transform the way the design and construction industry thinks and operates. Through the creation of private and public partners, the Intelligent Jobsites global platform addresses the challenges facing these industries
  • As we test the limits of innovation and drive disruptive technologies, we give very careful consideration to the delicate balance of the economic, social, and environmental impacts of our actions. “This is Theometrics’ definition of sustainability”™.

A New Trade | A New Profession | A New Industry

Currently the Real Estate, Construction and Technology industries are not integrated.

With the integration of the Real Estate, Construction and Technology industries, we have created a new industry, profession and trade – Theometrics Architectural Navigation.


A New Industry

A New Profession

A New Trade

Theometrics Architectural Navigation