Design / Construction Benefits

Theometrics is more than an architect’s tool, it’s a design movement that is experiencing wide adoption throughout the building design community. Manufacturers who integrate thier products in the Theometrics process, and provide the type of product content necessary, will see significant increase in specifications and sales within the next few years.

Design / Construction Benefits

  • Studies & Construction Layout
  • Faster & More Accurate Decision Making
  • Risk Management & Quality Control
  • Maintain Construction Schedule
  • Control Drawing Version Management
  • Complete Audit Train
  • Conflict Identification Tool
  • Facilitate execution of the most complicated layout jobs
  • Document As-built conditions and create drawings in real time

Safety / OSHA Benefits

Theometrics directly impacts the safety of personnel in both intrinsic and indirect methods.

Accuracy = Structural Integrity

  • Reduction of Exposure to Bodily Injury
  • Ensures a Safe Work Environment
  • Increased Change Order Reduce Moral and Increase Stress and Fatigue
  • More Organized Work Load
  • Reduces Coordination Conflicts Between Trades & Accompanying Disharmony
  • Keeps Job On Schedule

Environmental / LEED Benefits

Theometrics has developed a better means and methods and increased standards that directly impact a structure’s energy footprint as well as reduce waste during construction.

Design / Construction Benefits

    • More Efficient Use of Materials
    • Achieve Efficiency of Design
    • Reduce Change Orders
    • Shorten Schedules
    • Go paperless
    • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Volumetric Analysis of Space for Greater Efficiency of HVAC
  • Analysis for Lighting Calculations and Renderings of Electric Lighting / Daylighting Systems