As-Built Study

  • Measure and model existing space and structure.
  • Create and deliver dimensionally accurate 2D or 3D CAD drawings or models into CAD automatically, while still in the field.

Deviation Study

  • Overlay and graphically compare actual field conditions, in 2D or 3D, to existing base drawings, the proposed design, engineering drawings or shop drawings in CAD in the field.
  • Align and test proposed design layout in the field and make necessary changes prior to construction.

Vital Tool for Monitoring 

Soldier Beam Movement

Form Deflection – Pre/Post Pour and Cure

Building Sway & Tilt Motion


  • Navigate, layout, survey, coordinate, monitor and report.
  • Select any coordinate in a CAD document and point a visible laser to the exact location.

Vital Layout Tool

Metes and Bounds – Land Description & Boundary Demarcation

Establishment of Permanent Reference Stations – Perimeter Control

Excavation/Establishment of Land Topography

Stakes and Offsets Layout – Axis Lines and Grid

Soldier Beam Layout and Seismic Monitoring

Pile and Pile Cap Layout and Coordination

Foundation Layout

Underground Utilities Layout and Documentation

Forms, Columns, Penetrations and Sleeves Layout

Pre-set Hanger & Curtain Wall Insert Layout

Bolt Pattern Layout

Assistance with Interior Fit-Out Layout for Trades

Post Tension Cables


  • Document and Audit Construction Accuracy
  • Forensic and Witness Services

Sustainable Construction

  • Establish Permanent Reference Stations – Perimeter Control
  • Deliver Accurate measurements of existing or newly constructed structures to the AEC team.
  • Align and test proposed design layout in the field
  • Transfer CAD accuracy to the field; mitigate risk with the assurance of a precise layout.

Layout Artisans 

A new type of tradesman

Responsible for the transfer of required design details to physical space

Topographic Measurement 

Floor Flatness & Levelness

Documentation of Floor Elevations


Additional Services

  • High Definition Laser Scanning
  • Seismic Monitoring