Theo University creates a virtual, interactive, digital classroom to give workers the skills to connect the mechanical and digital worlds and to embrace new technologies.

Theo University serves to educate and train future generations on emerging technologies to prepare them for the industries of the future. In having baby boomers and millennials working together TheoU serves as the bridge between the generations through regular methods of mentoring as well as mentoring upwards.

Theo University also promotes the STEAM curriculum based on the idea of educating students in five specific disciplines, science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. In this form of education Theo aims to foster the next generation of entrepreneurs in all types of industries.

Another initiative offered through Theo University are opportunities for accreditation in the different industries, for example, as more industries adhere to sustainable practices a workforce will need to be created and trained to abide to industry standards. This class of workers will fall into the Green Collar Sector. The Green Collar workers will be trained in environmental issues for their respective industry.

Theo University also publish articles and books on findings from emerging technologies. One of the first publications will be a book on the intelligent technologies that are driving industries to modernize and create intelligent cities.

Experiential Learning

Entrepreneurial Training for Millennials

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics.

Conferences & Roundtables