Welcome to Heaven on Earth!

crypto- [ˈkriptō]

concealed, secret; from Greek 'kruptos' meaning ‘hidden’

Cryptocurrency is well known for its use in unregulated markets and has been used for nefarious purposes such as on the Dark Web, secret funding of terrorist organizations and drug trade.

phanero- [ˈfænˈærəʊ]

visible, manifest; from Greek 'phainein' meaning to 'bring to light'

Phanero kurrency, unlike cryptocurrency, is a new digital currency that does not hide in secrecy and invites visibility and transparency through all of its transactions.

TheoKoin is the key to unlocking your Theo Vault! 

1. One quick scan to get started.

Using your favorite hot wallet app, start a transfer and use the QR read feature.
Scan the public key found on the reverse of your Cold Storage Coin, and match the Coin ID to the full public key to confirm you scanned the right address. Enter any amount of BTC – large or small – authorize the transfer, and that’s it!
Your cryptocurrency is now in deep cold storage, safely stored offline away from hackers and other types of digital risk!

2. You can use our app or other tools.

With the full public key on the outside of your coin, you can use any paper wallet checker to lookup the current balance of your Theo Koin
We also have a Theo Koin app that makes it easy keep track of all your Theo Koins in one place, with up-to-the-minute balance information, available for both Android & iOS devices.
Our app even provides valuable manufacturing and security information for your coin, ensuring its authenticity!

3. Digital risk converted to physical risk.

Your Theo Koin is offline. It can’t be hacked. It has no moving parts, no lines of code, no circuits to fail. It’s flood-safe, fire-resistant & deeply laser-etched, likely to retain its data for centuries. But, once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.
Once you load your BTC, keep it someplace safe! With Theo Koins, you’re converting digital risk to physical risk, and so it’s still important to be careful and protect your asset.